After two weeks…

Two weeks ago I came back to Colombia, now, after some days of cold and rain, I’m try to take a decision about what I want to do in my life…

I’ve been thinking about be police, start like a force of law, but yesterday I went with my mom to look information about the police career, and the oficial said us that I have to take a technician or some thing like that… Now I have to start a course at SENA, which is a institute where I can study different kinds of technician courses, and after that start with the police career, but now I have to wait until get a technician career to get my professional career.


My countdown…

Today start my countdown, with just eight day to go back to home, I’ll try to have the best time in this last week, but also I’m going to think about my family, how everything has changed, and meet with my friends again.

Also I’ll have to continue with my studies and try to help do my best, I’ve never thought that this trip would be so incredible, I enjoyed everything what I did and I met a lot of people who, I know, always will be my friends. Maybe, this will be my last written for a long time, but I’m not sure, after many blog, finally, I end up liking this.

I just have to enjoy this week, with the people who had been with me since I arrived to this wonderful country, and in the same way I want to give to the new people my better wishes, because this have been like my second house and I want to be the same for the rest of the people.

God Bless Everyone!




One of my most private wishes is travel and knows many different places and people, although, sometimes we have some problems, like the time, liabilities, but one of them is which is the reason why we can’t travel, money.

Many people say, “Money is not the most important thing in the life”, and I say the same but how help us in everything. Now, if I had the possibility of win the lottery or get a lot of money, I’d like travel to some very interesting countries, my first dream country is Dubai, and how I have talked about it, this is one of the most popular country to get money and invest money, because at the moment their development has been accelerated and unexpected, in the last five years this country has done and has got the attention of many billionaire people who has done a lots of invest and, I the same way, have won a lot of money. This country has some of the most wonderful buildings in the word and an incredible culture.

My second dream country is France, where not just have “The Eiffel Tower”, and they have incredible places like The “Remarkable Gardens”, The “Palace of Versailles” and how forget their “Notre-Dame de Reims” cathedral, where over 75 million of people a year, travel and enjoy like a tourist place.

And the last, but not less important, Spain, where, we like South Americans, have most of our culture, how everything started, Why we’re what we’re, and most of our past history before to the colonization, like the history of our native language, and many of our beliefs and manners.

With this I just want to cite one popular cliché “After books, travelling is the second way to education”, and even for my, is a good way to know ourselves.

Go Back to Home…

This has been the longest trip which I’ve done, firstly I came just like vacations, but after some weeks I decided to stay to study English. Today, after a little more than six months, finally I’m only to 12 days to go back to my country, although I’ve enjoyed this experience, everything was a strong change for my lifestyle in Colombia.

With just three exams more to having to do I’m preparing my suitcases to return with my parents and enjoy sharing everything which I did along of this exceptional  trip, what I ate, who I met, where I went; and, also they’ll tell me what they did.

Trinidad has represented an important part of mi life because this has been my first experience outside of my country, and also, although isn’t the best country where I could go, has been a cozy place, where I know that I’m welcome with open arms.

“José Celestino Mutis” Botanic Garden (Bogotá D.C., Colombia)

As many people know, Colombia is one of the most important countries of wildlife; Colombia has 44.25% of the badlands from Sub America, and also has a round of 1800 different kinds of birds, like one of the central countries from Sub America, Colombia also is the country which has more different sorts of weathers, because has wet areas, dry areas, plains and wetlands, among others.

In Bogotá, we have one of the most popular botanic gardens, ” Jose Celestino Mutis” Botanic Garden, it was opened on 1955 and was created in tribute to Jose Celestino Mutis who was a known naturalist, mathematician and astronomer, and also like nature care.

Being the “Jose Celestino Mutis” Botanic Garden, is the biggest in Colombia, it’s also where more different kind of plant and animals species, we have, from a pink to large trees, like palms, walnut, olive, with different kind of wood and fruits, also there have a lot of birds, with different colours and from different species.

In Bogotá, this park is where we can go to relaxing, has a good time, share with family and friends and is pretty cheap, we can breathe fresh air, and know a little more about our nature.


My Colombia, My Cartagena of the Indies…

Cartagena of the Indies situated on the northern coast of Colombia and capital of the Bolivar department, it’s the second largest in the Caribbean region, after Barranquilla. Cartagena founded on June 1, 1533, being one of the oldest cities from Colombia, with around of 480 years of culture, and where we can see many representative buildings with different kind of styles.

Cartagena with a population of 955.250 people, and city which has places like the Indian Catalina monument, who arrived with “Don Pedro” for founded this wonderful city, other interesting place is our walls, which was built as defense, started his construction in the end of the 16th centuries, after Francis Drake attack, and as protection of pirates, this project took about two ages, due to the pirates attacks and the countless storms.

This kind of culture, history, is which you’ll have to know there in my country, in my lovely Colombia, where we can enjoy of many different sorts of culture trips, and where you’ll be received with open arms.



“Santuario de las Lajas” (Colombia)


Nariño (Colombia), township Ipiales, where in 18th Century was built a cathedral called “Santuario de las Lajas”, and which was restructured in 20th Century with a kind of gothic style, but is an imitation of the 14th Century gothic style.

It’s situated in cannon of the Guáitara river, to 10 km. of the Ecuadorian border, it’s divide in three floors, the first is the base and is which holds the other two floors, but, also this floor has a tunnel where cross the way under the Cathedral, the second floor is structured with the bridge, which has 50 meters high by 17 meters wide and 20 meters long and also has the image of “Virgin of the Rosary” painted by some anonymous painter on a “Laja” stone, and the last floor is the Cathedral, which joins both parts of the cannon, and the height of the temple from their base to the tower is 100 meters.

As I said, this Cathedral has a kind of gothic style, their details in the roof with a pointed structure, their stained glass windows and with many people who knows it, this is one of the most important and representative catholic place in Colombia, with really important ages of history and culture.

Although I’ve never been there, I think that it’s a wonderful and amazing place to visit, where I can have a great experience, knowing a little more my country and hoping that most of you know it.