After to 127 Hours and go ahead…

127 hours is one of those films, which give us an important and wonderful advice for our live.

This movie, which is based in an event, in the life of American mountaineer, Aron Ralston, who became famous for one of the strangest adventures in his life, after to get caught in a crack from the Utah’s cannon in United States, around of five days and after had to cut off part of his arm, manages to return to his family.

Aron Ralston in the film 127 hours, interpreted for James Franco, shows us the strength we have like humans, and what we can do for who are important for us.

During the 127 hours that he passes captive in that cannon, made and imagine things that only he could, thought in each one of calls from their mom that didn’t answer, special moments that had with his sister during his teenager, these days that he worked with his boss and specials moment that had with his girlfriend.

This movie, also, gives us an important advice for our adventures, that without import the level of trouble we have to go ahead, and never give up.



Clothe forms …

Over the years we can look how our style, our tastes change, we know that in the 60s and 70s, style was conservative, and the woman had to wear clothes that did cover all their body, or at least a large part of it.

Now, when started the 80s, everything changed, the clothes that women wore, expressed freedom, new fashion of the moment, and which was called style “Yuppie”, and was a name that was given to this new female style, and which, also, express a new stereotype of woman natural, good looking and with a very good body, so every who could have a personal trainer, did it. Besides this, anti-aging products were a hit, every woman wanted look good, and, also, with many cosmetics and medicines, could look natural and as a beautiful woman, without forget the kind of clothes, colourful, lush and that made them look good.

Nowadays, with a total freedom style, that respect for the woman’s body, was lost and any woman can wear miniskirts or any kind of clothes that covering 80% minus of the body, that forty years ago, and with this sort of change in the woman’s clothe, also, was gradually lost their natural beauty, their good looking and their own style.

These changes were driven for those new musical genres, like “Reggaeton” or “Tecno music”, which have a particular style for dancing, and many of the clothes styles of today are for dancing that.



When we are teenager, the important things never are which really should be, all the time we are thinking about girls, music, style, clothes and many things like that, with the time we grow up, and that it was, at some moment important, has changed.

I can’t say that I’m the person with more experience or that I have lived thousands of thing, because I would be lying, but I can say that with the experience of others, I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that no always we have to live events for believe it, but also I’ve learned that sometimes we have to face the events and look the best solution, of course, that no always everything will be how we want it to be, but tried our best could be the best answer.

As I’ve said before, in others written, besides to come here for studying English in first place, I came to get someone out of my head, someone whom I’ve given a long time of my life, and now I know that was lost.

Now I understand the famous saying, “Maturity is matter of your mind, no of your body”

And has reason, our body doesn’t mature until our mind can have a control over their actions.


Film Lover…

I have many thing that love do, including being a fulltime film buff, I like almost all sort of film, action, adventure, science fiction, romance, drama, comedy, fail, animation, silent pictures, film critic, short and many more that could name.

how some people I can see one and other time the same film, without tired, like the last film of “Batman”, all “Harry Potter” Films, and one in special that never was promoted in Latin America, “I’m number four” wrote by James Frey and Jobie Hughes with a pseudonym of Pittacus Lore, but that, for my, their first part would have been a great success in Latin America.

As the book and film were published in the same year, and never, in Latin America, was known this book, now, this is the first film from a saga of six books, named “Lorien Legacies”, and where being speak about a group of aliens, that are the saving for their world, and each one of them have a different sort of power, which develop with the pass of the time. Is expect that the second part will start to produce soon, as many people have given good reviews, but still not is sure.

Now, I’ve seen better film, like “Gangster Squad”, “I’m Legend” or “Fast and Furious 5”, that is the best of the saga, this last.

Have a good time with a good movie


The top of our planet…

Today 60 year ago, the New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hillary, and the Nepali, Tenzing Norgay Shera, was the first time that The Everest Mountain was taken.

The Everest Mountain with a bit more than 8000 metres has been scaling for around of 6200 people from around the world, and the half of them with helping of the Sherpas, which are part from a Nepali culture, which lives in the shades of Everest.

They say: “give me someone who wants go up Everest and we will see what we do”, with that emotion for helping to people with disabilities, but who has will of do.

“A lot of people prefer spend time and money in this kind of experiences, than spend it in cruises”, says Elizabeth Hawley, and I’m agree with she, because no many people can have this kind of experiences in their original countries.

And if we can have that opportunity why not seizes it.

Every year, the Nepali government collects about $3.2 million, thanks to the people who, in the year, wants scaled.

“The limit of our possibilities is in our minds”


How will be the end of the world?

We have some theories about of the end of the world, most of them end with the disappearance of the humanity, like the movie “2012” or “the darkest hour”, and many more related with the topic, we have theories with the destruction of the world with the biggest eruption in the human history, also with the conquest from a kind of beings from other worlds, and many thing like that, with our imagination and our accelerated form of think.

But we don’t want see that in this days, with our try to development just we are destroying the earth, and without need of killing ourselves, and we’re so concerned only to discover and destroy that we have forgotten the real and important point of live in this world, care for it, manage, and bring protection, for our home, tha is the earth, and everyone living in it.

We don’t know when or how, wil happen, the just thing that we can do is living the moment as if it was the last, and looking to the future as if won’t end.


The car like a transport…

In the last years many companies of cars has been developed, the most developed and technological cars, companies like Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and many more, with cars with the possibility of don’t needing fossil fuels, a lot of them with solar panels for charge with the light sun, other with the possibility of working with kitchen oil, or just with electricity.

But all of them, thinking in just one objective, also of transport, care of environment, for our live, and the future.

Also of that, also many of these have a new design, smaller, but comfortable, and just with the necessary. Now, because that their construction price is really expensive, many of their cars are being improved, with new technology and new forms of working, looking for new and better liquids, less polluting.

The future of our world is in our hands