Cultural Moments…

Some times, when we thought in studying outside of our countries, thought about their culture and changes we’ll have, but we know that will be interesting, exciting and we’re going to meet new people.

For my this travel has been really interesting, because I have known a lot of new people from others countries; often when I go out with my friends and my brother, I meet with new places and, of course, new people; for example, we have a friend from here and she’s Jehovah’s witness, two months ago we went out with she, and we went to Chaguaramas, there we met some Venezuelan people and a Indian lady, who studied English, Spanish and other languages in Latin America, and now she is working in Colombian for an university, where I was studying.

well, we can look in that few moments, when we share with others kinds of cultures, that great and strange line that binds us.




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