Meeting Cultures…

Well, today I will write about ours many cultures and civics differences, such as food, transport and a general mix of the world.

In the first place we’ll talk about the different kinds of food that we have here in Trinidad & Tobago, in the third position are two typical meals, the Indian food and the Chinese food, and in this case I can’t talking about the Indian food, because I’ve never eaten it, but for other way I can talking about the really delicious Chinese food,  and I can say that when I was in Colombian I hated the Chinese food, because there was really strange and it didn’t have the best flavour, but here, the Chinese food is completely different about their texture, flavour and cooking. By another part the second position is the Latino American food, because the large part of nationalists are from Venezuela and from the others parts from Latino America, so the Trinidadian people have a great influence in their typical meals, for example, many people eat “Arepas” or “Ayacas”, but without shelve their spicy touch, that is representative for them. And finally the most popular is the fried and spicy food, wherever that you go, you will have a little touch of spicy, if you eat chicken in KFC, or eat Gyro’s in the best place of Arepita Avenue, or if you eat something really typical from Trinidad & Tobago, believe me, everything have their special spicy touch.

Today, just I could write about the representative food, but tomorrow being about another part of this interesting culture.



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