Technology: Progress or Checking…

Nowadays we have a lot of different things about technology, cell phones, lap tops, digital tables, and other things more, but how started this? What was cause of this accelerated progress?

Everything started with Economic progress, everyone wanted start their own company, beginning with have the total control in palm of your hand, every their database, and their really important information have to be close, where the greats economic power, in this case, entrepreneurs, could handle their business.

So with the scientific progress, also we had large progress in everything. The Economy, forms of socializing, how have a lot of information about something, now, is easier nowadays, than 50 years ago; just with a touch, I can know what is happening with the relationship between South Corea and North Corea.

with the tecnology also is related the internet, we have many ways to have internet in our lap tops, cell phones, and where we want.

The thing with the tecnology and even more, with the internet is the control over the people, any public character can give a speaking via any means of communication, and I can watch it, just with a fast internet conection and with touch in my phone.

Now, for some people this kind of tecnology is imposible of have, and this is other thing about our great progress in tecnology, sorts of discrimination; we don’t have just racial discrimination, gender, this people who can’t have something of tecnology or just internet, this cut off from society, and noone stops to see what is happening with these persons.

In conclusion the technology has been an important part of powerful societies, but these societies, just think in their profits, regardless who is left behind, or whose is in their front.

The social control is just a touch away.



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