Someone in who think …

True love, first love. Is a thing that I never understand.

Sometimes, some true loves are the first loves, but ever we know when, really, is true or just passion.

I have had several girlfriends, but with each one has been different, something always changes, and, of course, each experience has been something new for me, some of them are more complicated than other, and some are sweeter than others, but equally specials and important in my live.

I believe I have had just one true love, and sometimes think that isn’t reciprocated.

I met her, about five years ago, and really changed my live. we were dating, four years ago, but I don’t know why I finished with her.

Her name is Alisson, and she was one of many reasons, why I’m here studying English, I couldn’t leave of  think in she never, and that was affecting me in my studies, with my family, and myself.

Come here was a hard decision, because this meant that I wouldn’t see her, for a long time, but I needed this, to forget bad regards.

Always we’re like children



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