Which is your decision?

Often we are thinking about our future, how will be? What new thing will we see?

And many more different thing.

At the moment we’re destroying our earth, trying of have more thing, more oil, more money, more gemstones, without realizing that we’re drilling, burning, and destroying this world, which is the one give us everything.

Year after year, the important things are such as, have better earnings in business, have more amount of oil than the last year, and things like that.

Now, we can think about what can we do?, and which way take, the first one is try to recover and heal every hurt possible, that spills of oil in our ocean, or any kind of spill that can do some hurt.

The other one is keep on with that kind of mistakes, and keep on destroying our earth, up to the point in that we couldn’t remedy anything.

Is time to make a decision, stop and save, this world, which is our only home, or keep on with our “important” development and use up every minimum resource.



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