Mythology Beast …

How some people know, I love see movies in my free time, I have many pages where I can see it, I love movies the action, comedy, science fiction. And I have seen a lot of it.

But the thing in that I always think is about of the Mythological beast, those Chimeras, Minotaurs, Unicorns, Centaurs and Pegasus, are a really amazing, each one of them have an incredible ability and can do everything.

For example we have the most representative film about that kind of beings, “Hercules” has some of those special animals, At the movie he has to quarrel with some of them, and some others are his partners, the Pegasus is his life partner, and always he try to help him when Hercules is in some problem, the other one is the Hercules coach, that is a Satyr, and during the whole movie he loves every woman to sees.

Hydra that is one of many monsters, with whom he has to quarrel during the film, and this one is like a snake with many heads, and when he cuts some of those heads, another grows.

The strongest mythical beast, is the Minotauro, he’s half man and half torus, and has too strength, and the final the god of underworld, Hades, with whom Hercules has to fight to save the gods, to keep the peace in the world.

These are some interesting things about that movie, but not just for that if not also for other films with this sort of subject-matter.



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