Facebook, How a Social Network?

The social networks, as Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, and the three most used, Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp, although whatsapp isn’t exactly a social network, but on the last year, has been very popular. Now, as we know Facebook and Skype has been turned in very strong rivals, for their recent updates, about Video-chat, and improvements the software.

The last October Facebook register around of 1000 million of members, and Skype records 250 million of members. Both social networks are successful, maybe Facebook has more members because, has more time in the market, but Skype expected have 1000 million of members in the end of this year.

Now perhaps for many people, Facebook is the best Network, but Skype has many more advantages, I think so. Nowadays Facebook is for people that likes, also of chatting, share many nonsense, and the people has forgot, what is the reason of it, Social networks as Skype or Twitter, now are better, we can use it for have a better Video-chat, than with Facebook, that is for Skype and with Twitter we can use it, for share our opinion about something that we want.

Other thing, about Facebook is that asks information for everything, if I want remove something of my line time, they ask me Why, if I don’t like the link of something like that, so I think that any members don’t like that of Facebook, and of course, many thing more.

So as users, we shouldn’t forget, how we have to use a Social Network, and that is always for share with your closest. 



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