Dubai and Their Faster Progress…

Everyone think about, what is the most beautiful city to visit, and I think that Dubai is something resembling paradise in the earth.

Dubai is the city of our dreams, have a lot of thing to do, and is the city that has given strides in their development, with their buildings of crystal, their innovative creations, their fast Economic development, and many of their rich people.

When Dubai started to extract oil, in 1950, saw that could get a better Economy, trying have attention of the richest people, and just were interested for have investors for their city, their oil.  

Another thing about Dubai is their Amazing, great and technologic buildings, like the Burj Khalifa or the Dynamic Tower, both are structures really amazing, the Dynamic Tower moves with respect an one only axis in the middle of the building, and each floor moves in different directions.

Now the Burj Khalifa building is one of the biggest structure in the world, with more of 800M, their structure is conformed with a big base and after to some floors, the structure start to narrow, and end in a great peak.

Many powerful people went in the boom of Dubai, when they could and had money for begging to extract oil thus became a striking city, for the Economic progress, development technologic, and, of course, they wanted to be released.

Just I expect that, how someone’s telling, that successful and fast progress of Dubai doesn’t collapse, In front of their faces.



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