How will be the end of the world?

We have some theories about of the end of the world, most of them end with the disappearance of the humanity, like the movie “2012” or “the darkest hour”, and many more related with the topic, we have theories with the destruction of the world with the biggest eruption in the human history, also with the conquest from a kind of beings from other worlds, and many thing like that, with our imagination and our accelerated form of think.

But we don’t want see that in this days, with our try to development just we are destroying the earth, and without need of killing ourselves, and we’re so concerned only to discover and destroy that we have forgotten the real and important point of live in this world, care for it, manage, and bring protection, for our home, tha is the earth, and everyone living in it.

We don’t know when or how, wil happen, the just thing that we can do is living the moment as if it was the last, and looking to the future as if won’t end.



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