The top of our planet…

Today 60 year ago, the New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hillary, and the Nepali, Tenzing Norgay Shera, was the first time that The Everest Mountain was taken.

The Everest Mountain with a bit more than 8000 metres has been scaling for around of 6200 people from around the world, and the half of them with helping of the Sherpas, which are part from a Nepali culture, which lives in the shades of Everest.

They say: “give me someone who wants go up Everest and we will see what we do”, with that emotion for helping to people with disabilities, but who has will of do.

“A lot of people prefer spend time and money in this kind of experiences, than spend it in cruises”, says Elizabeth Hawley, and I’m agree with she, because no many people can have this kind of experiences in their original countries.

And if we can have that opportunity why not seizes it.

Every year, the Nepali government collects about $3.2 million, thanks to the people who, in the year, wants scaled.

“The limit of our possibilities is in our minds”



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