Film Lover…

I have many thing that love do, including being a fulltime film buff, I like almost all sort of film, action, adventure, science fiction, romance, drama, comedy, fail, animation, silent pictures, film critic, short and many more that could name.

how some people I can see one and other time the same film, without tired, like the last film of “Batman”, all “Harry Potter” Films, and one in special that never was promoted in Latin America, “I’m number four” wrote by James Frey and Jobie Hughes with a pseudonym of Pittacus Lore, but that, for my, their first part would have been a great success in Latin America.

As the book and film were published in the same year, and never, in Latin America, was known this book, now, this is the first film from a saga of six books, named “Lorien Legacies”, and where being speak about a group of aliens, that are the saving for their world, and each one of them have a different sort of power, which develop with the pass of the time. Is expect that the second part will start to produce soon, as many people have given good reviews, but still not is sure.

Now, I’ve seen better film, like “Gangster Squad”, “I’m Legend” or “Fast and Furious 5”, that is the best of the saga, this last.

Have a good time with a good movie



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