When we are teenager, the important things never are which really should be, all the time we are thinking about girls, music, style, clothes and many things like that, with the time we grow up, and that it was, at some moment important, has changed.

I can’t say that I’m the person with more experience or that I have lived thousands of thing, because I would be lying, but I can say that with the experience of others, I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that no always we have to live events for believe it, but also I’ve learned that sometimes we have to face the events and look the best solution, of course, that no always everything will be how we want it to be, but tried our best could be the best answer.

As I’ve said before, in others written, besides to come here for studying English in first place, I came to get someone out of my head, someone whom I’ve given a long time of my life, and now I know that was lost.

Now I understand the famous saying, “Maturity is matter of your mind, no of your body”

And has reason, our body doesn’t mature until our mind can have a control over their actions.



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