Clothe forms …

Over the years we can look how our style, our tastes change, we know that in the 60s and 70s, style was conservative, and the woman had to wear clothes that did cover all their body, or at least a large part of it.

Now, when started the 80s, everything changed, the clothes that women wore, expressed freedom, new fashion of the moment, and which was called style “Yuppie”, and was a name that was given to this new female style, and which, also, express a new stereotype of woman natural, good looking and with a very good body, so every who could have a personal trainer, did it. Besides this, anti-aging products were a hit, every woman wanted look good, and, also, with many cosmetics and medicines, could look natural and as a beautiful woman, without forget the kind of clothes, colourful, lush and that made them look good.

Nowadays, with a total freedom style, that respect for the woman’s body, was lost and any woman can wear miniskirts or any kind of clothes that covering 80% minus of the body, that forty years ago, and with this sort of change in the woman’s clothe, also, was gradually lost their natural beauty, their good looking and their own style.

These changes were driven for those new musical genres, like “Reggaeton” or “Tecno music”, which have a particular style for dancing, and many of the clothes styles of today are for dancing that.



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