After to 127 Hours and go ahead…

127 hours is one of those films, which give us an important and wonderful advice for our live.

This movie, which is based in an event, in the life of American mountaineer, Aron Ralston, who became famous for one of the strangest adventures in his life, after to get caught in a crack from the Utah’s cannon in United States, around of five days and after had to cut off part of his arm, manages to return to his family.

Aron Ralston in the film 127 hours, interpreted for James Franco, shows us the strength we have like humans, and what we can do for who are important for us.

During the 127 hours that he passes captive in that cannon, made and imagine things that only he could, thought in each one of calls from their mom that didn’t answer, special moments that had with his sister during his teenager, these days that he worked with his boss and specials moment that had with his girlfriend.

This movie, also, gives us an important advice for our adventures, that without import the level of trouble we have to go ahead, and never give up.



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