Table Tennis My Passion…

Also to have passion to love, I have passion for the table tennis, too.

I started to play it, when I was in my first period at the university, but I didn’t know anything about it, when I started to play, just had it likes hobbies, but with over the time, I loved it.

Now, many times I stayed after to class at university to play it, and once, in the end of my first period, I was playing with some friends and someone was looking like I played, so this guy said me that he wanted to play with me.

While we played, he was seeing, how I was playing, my serve, my hands position, everything, and throughout our game, he was giving me some advices and teaching me some kinds of serves, defences, and how I can meet my opponent.

Only I hope can play soon, because since last November, I couldn’t play, I have tried looking a place where I can play, but here isn’t very popular game.



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