View of the Future…

One of the latest development in digital technology is something called “Google Glass”, as its name tell us, it’s been development from Google, two years ago the Google company started to create a prototype of this kind of glasses with just normal eyeglasses, but the lens was replaced by a head-up display.

Several Google employees hoped that “Google Glass” was available by the end of 2012, but it was postponed twice more, until early 2013, and now is until end of 2013, we don’t know what will happen with this project.

However, at the moment some important companies, are being looked the glasses, how can it be better? What kind of app it can use? And which other can be created?

Google gave to app’s developers, some prototypes of them, because, despite of “Google Glass” has several app incorporated, like “take a picture through voice control”, “Record a video” with the same way, can check your social networks, Approach detector, so when you take off it, automatically it turn off, you can have a video-chat with someone, are flexible, and some apps more that at the moment I don’t remember.

Google has other kinds of functions that will be included, like “eyelid control” and signals from eyelid, is being thought incorporate different sorts of lens to make them more personalized, and is expect that it can be over the cost of current smartphones.


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