My second home…


When I think in my life here and the great moments that I’ve lived, also I remember which I was living before to come here, my family, my friends, my study.
Now I just have one month more, before to go back to Colombia, my last month here with my brother, and we’ll try to use it to the fullest, because, although we miss our home, here we’ve did a new life, with new people, we’ve a lot of memories, things that we shared, we met, good and bad moments, people who, although they returned to their country, we always remember them.
I still remember that December 12, when I arrived, I didn’t understand anything of English and I had to pass to customs, it was really funny, now I see it, and after I had to wait for my brother. After one week of stay here, with Maria Eloisa and Maybe, they persuaded me of stay and study English. And then there was where my true trip started.
Today I’m in my third course, and compared of when I was that day on customs, I can speak and understand clearer. But the thing is that I’ve lived an amazing and exciting experience with people who I’ll miss.


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