Turtles Trip…


Yesterday was one of the more amazing days here in T&T, with some of the guys of ALC; we went to the turtle’s trip, where we learnt a lot of things about of them.

They live over 100 years, and when the female has to put their eggs, they have to go out of the sea because the temperature is around of 15 degrees and it isn’t adequate for eggs, so they do a gap into the sand of about 1.5 meters deep and about 5 meters from the sea, and they put near to 20 or 30 eggs in the gap, after that they covered the gap, they do something like a camouflage, where they do more gaps around of the gap for humans don’t find them, in what they spend 30 or 40 Min. After do that they go back to the sea, and sometime after, they come out again and do the same.

The eggs take two or three months to be born, and when they come up from under the sand, looking the sea and begin their marine life.


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