Since I was a child, my mum always talked me about God, she said me and still says me, that I’ve to keep taken from the God’s hand, speak with him every night, and try to read the bible.

We’re Adventists, and our religion has two points of focus, we believe in the second  coming of God and we keep the Saturday with the Sabbath day; but maybe we have a point more, which is  keep the reals ten commandments, well, reals compared with the Catholicism’s commandments.

I know that over the world has many religions, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, these are the most popular, each one with a round of 900 million to 2300 million of followers, and each one say the same, “we’re the true church”.

No-one know which one of these is the true church, and what I think is that each one provides one important and special part in the religion’s world, and now, that I’ve grown, I know and can say, that I don’t have to choose one religion, I can believe in God and follow him by myself.



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