The World Cup…

Every four years the world has one of the most important sport events, “The World Cup”, where every teams from all world, played to get a possibility to be of the best when in the end of the Cup.

The last headquarter of it was in South Africa, where, as usual, just 32 teams classified of 204 who enrolled, and, of course, where teams like German, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy, England, Portugal and Uruguay, were the most representative and outstanding in the games along the cup…

For the 2014’s World Cup, the competition started on September 2011 with the debut match of Peru Vs. Paraguay, where Peru was the winner, but how is the expected Argentina is the first with 26 point and who draw against Colombia in their last match, Colombia who has been had a good games, Ecuador with 21 point and who is in equality of point with Chile, and for the last chance (Repechaje) is Uruguay.

I only wish luck to each team and each one gives their best…



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