What have I done?


As we grow up, thought in those things which, maybe, could have happened and, now, after some few years we regret hadn’t done it. Many times we think in films like “Back to the Future”, where you see someone who has a time machine and you’d like to have it, but you know that you can’t have it.

But then you think, if I had it, I could do some changes in my life; if I had used better my free time, I would have better things, or something like that, but always we dream with have a time machine or a special artefact to can travel into the ages, And, How no? If you would have the opportunity of change everything in the life.

Now, I’ll tell you what kind of thing I regret. This is one, if I had studied English in my High School, I haven’t been Trinidad, because, for my like someone’s, this is a great opportunity to do something different, to have a new experience and meet new people, change the environment; but if I hadn’t broke up with my last girlfriend, maybe I wouldn’t have come here to learn English. But the most important thing at the moment in my life is that I have to decide, what will I study? Because if I don’t decide which career doing, something I love do, I’ll have to do something I hate.


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