The easier thing…

When I started my English classes on the last January, I thought “I should study English, it’ll be funny, and I’ll meet new people and have a new experience”, and, of course, it’s been funny, I’ve known new people, learnt a lot of things about cultures, languages and things which I didn’t know why they were thus.

During my Elementary and Pre-Intermediate courses everything was easy and quiet, some homework but nothing complicated and long, this was the best time at the institute. But something which I didn’t know was that I would have to do, additional of my normal workbook homework, was an every day’s blog, included weekends, unit test in the end of each unit, and two additional exams in the end of the course.

But, what can I tell… Despite everything it’s been a wonderful, funny and amazing adventure, in which I could enjoy with my second family, ALC, here in T&T.



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