My favourite room…

My Favourite room is my living room; there is where I can talk with my family, each night at dinner, there is where we can talk about our day, although, some time we eat, each one by hand, but despite of our living room is an important room in our house, the kitchen is equally special and important, so, we have two rooms where we’ve shared a lot of important moments.

Firstly I’ll give you a description of them; our living room has a big and old sofa, where we, like brothers, have grown up, playing, and in which our pets have made many damage, also, it has some pictures on the walls, like diplomas and decorations, which are from my brother and my mother, finally it also have a coffee table, where sometimes we have a lunchtime.

Now, our kitchen is small, but with the necessary space for cook, it has a white ceiling, but the walls don’t have tile, yet, because we had a building site, more or less, five years ago, when we did a secondary room over the kitchen, but we couldn’t finished, and equally happen with the kitchen floor.

Usually, we use every first floor to share the family meetings at Christmas, but when we have friends, generally, we meet with them on the living room, where also we can see the football match and talk relaxed.


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