My crazy cousin Kate…

I have about 10 maternal cousins, who are crazy, sometimes really annoying, and everyone are older than me, but I just have one of them who is of my age, Katherine, at the moment she’s studying in Bogota, because she‘s from Funza, a nearby town to Bogota, where just have one university.

Kate’s been living there all her life, and when she moved to Bogota, she was really scared, but also anxious, because this was her first time outside of her town, I’m not so sure but I think that she’s studying something related to medicine, and, that’s is incredible, because at the school she didn’t like anything, so we didn’t know what would she do?

Since I remember she always has had some boyfriend, and sometimes I thought that she’s crazy to have a relationship, but I don’t know, maybe, also could be because she‘s a really good looking and latest she’s been in clubs, so many men look her and thought that is a really nice girls; But what they don’t know is that, when she wants, is simply bad.

But I know that she wants the best for herself, and she do that, because she doesn’t want have any problem, and she tries to take care herself, too.


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