“Santuario de las Lajas” (Colombia)


Nariño (Colombia), township Ipiales, where in 18th Century was built a cathedral called “Santuario de las Lajas”, and which was restructured in 20th Century with a kind of gothic style, but is an imitation of the 14th Century gothic style.

It’s situated in cannon of the Guáitara river, to 10 km. of the Ecuadorian border, it’s divide in three floors, the first is the base and is which holds the other two floors, but, also this floor has a tunnel where cross the way under the Cathedral, the second floor is structured with the bridge, which has 50 meters high by 17 meters wide and 20 meters long and also has the image of “Virgin of the Rosary” painted by some anonymous painter on a “Laja” stone, and the last floor is the Cathedral, which joins both parts of the cannon, and the height of the temple from their base to the tower is 100 meters.

As I said, this Cathedral has a kind of gothic style, their details in the roof with a pointed structure, their stained glass windows and with many people who knows it, this is one of the most important and representative catholic place in Colombia, with really important ages of history and culture.

Although I’ve never been there, I think that it’s a wonderful and amazing place to visit, where I can have a great experience, knowing a little more my country and hoping that most of you know it.


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