My Colombia, My Cartagena of the Indies…

Cartagena of the Indies situated on the northern coast of Colombia and capital of the Bolivar department, it’s the second largest in the Caribbean region, after Barranquilla. Cartagena founded on June 1, 1533, being one of the oldest cities from Colombia, with around of 480 years of culture, and where we can see many representative buildings with different kind of styles.

Cartagena with a population of 955.250 people, and city which has places like the Indian Catalina monument, who arrived with “Don Pedro” for founded this wonderful city, other interesting place is our walls, which was built as defense, started his construction in the end of the 16th centuries, after Francis Drake attack, and as protection of pirates, this project took about two ages, due to the pirates attacks and the countless storms.

This kind of culture, history, is which you’ll have to know there in my country, in my lovely Colombia, where we can enjoy of many different sorts of culture trips, and where you’ll be received with open arms.




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