“José Celestino Mutis” Botanic Garden (Bogotá D.C., Colombia)

As many people know, Colombia is one of the most important countries of wildlife; Colombia has 44.25% of the badlands from Sub America, and also has a round of 1800 different kinds of birds, like one of the central countries from Sub America, Colombia also is the country which has more different sorts of weathers, because has wet areas, dry areas, plains and wetlands, among others.

In Bogotá, we have one of the most popular botanic gardens, ” Jose Celestino Mutis” Botanic Garden, it was opened on 1955 and was created in tribute to Jose Celestino Mutis who was a known naturalist, mathematician and astronomer, and also like nature care.

Being the “Jose Celestino Mutis” Botanic Garden, is the biggest in Colombia, it’s also where more different kind of plant and animals species, we have, from a pink to large trees, like palms, walnut, olive, with different kind of wood and fruits, also there have a lot of birds, with different colours and from different species.

In Bogotá, this park is where we can go to relaxing, has a good time, share with family and friends and is pretty cheap, we can breathe fresh air, and know a little more about our nature.



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