One of my most private wishes is travel and knows many different places and people, although, sometimes we have some problems, like the time, liabilities, but one of them is which is the reason why we can’t travel, money.

Many people say, “Money is not the most important thing in the life”, and I say the same but how help us in everything. Now, if I had the possibility of win the lottery or get a lot of money, I’d like travel to some very interesting countries, my first dream country is Dubai, and how I have talked about it, this is one of the most popular country to get money and invest money, because at the moment their development has been accelerated and unexpected, in the last five years this country has done and has got the attention of many billionaire people who has done a lots of invest and, I the same way, have won a lot of money. This country has some of the most wonderful buildings in the word and an incredible culture.

My second dream country is France, where not just have “The Eiffel Tower”, and they have incredible places like The “Remarkable Gardens”, The “Palace of Versailles” and how forget their “Notre-Dame de Reims” cathedral, where over 75 million of people a year, travel and enjoy like a tourist place.

And the last, but not less important, Spain, where, we like South Americans, have most of our culture, how everything started, Why we’re what we’re, and most of our past history before to the colonization, like the history of our native language, and many of our beliefs and manners.

With this I just want to cite one popular cliché “After books, travelling is the second way to education”, and even for my, is a good way to know ourselves.


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