Father’s Day…

Today 16th of June is one of the most important days over the world; this important festive day was created by Ms.  Sonora Smart Dodd from Washington, EE.UU, on 1909, but was until 19th of June 1910, when was celebrated for first time.

Today is the father’s day, but also is my father birthday, we just could called him and did a video, where we talk about our life here and our experience, that thanks to him we’re here studying English and having one of the best experience.

And, also, this is the first year which we haven’t stayed like family for his birthday, and we expect that when we go back, have a great reunion with our nearby family.



My crazy cousin Kate…

I have about 10 maternal cousins, who are crazy, sometimes really annoying, and everyone are older than me, but I just have one of them who is of my age, Katherine, at the moment she’s studying in Bogota, because she‘s from Funza, a nearby town to Bogota, where just have one university.

Kate’s been living there all her life, and when she moved to Bogota, she was really scared, but also anxious, because this was her first time outside of her town, I’m not so sure but I think that she’s studying something related to medicine, and, that’s is incredible, because at the school she didn’t like anything, so we didn’t know what would she do?

Since I remember she always has had some boyfriend, and sometimes I thought that she’s crazy to have a relationship, but I don’t know, maybe, also could be because she‘s a really good looking and latest she’s been in clubs, so many men look her and thought that is a really nice girls; But what they don’t know is that, when she wants, is simply bad.

But I know that she wants the best for herself, and she do that, because she doesn’t want have any problem, and she tries to take care herself, too.

My favourite room…

My Favourite room is my living room; there is where I can talk with my family, each night at dinner, there is where we can talk about our day, although, some time we eat, each one by hand, but despite of our living room is an important room in our house, the kitchen is equally special and important, so, we have two rooms where we’ve shared a lot of important moments.

Firstly I’ll give you a description of them; our living room has a big and old sofa, where we, like brothers, have grown up, playing, and in which our pets have made many damage, also, it has some pictures on the walls, like diplomas and decorations, which are from my brother and my mother, finally it also have a coffee table, where sometimes we have a lunchtime.

Now, our kitchen is small, but with the necessary space for cook, it has a white ceiling, but the walls don’t have tile, yet, because we had a building site, more or less, five years ago, when we did a secondary room over the kitchen, but we couldn’t finished, and equally happen with the kitchen floor.

Usually, we use every first floor to share the family meetings at Christmas, but when we have friends, generally, we meet with them on the living room, where also we can see the football match and talk relaxed.

The easier thing…

When I started my English classes on the last January, I thought “I should study English, it’ll be funny, and I’ll meet new people and have a new experience”, and, of course, it’s been funny, I’ve known new people, learnt a lot of things about cultures, languages and things which I didn’t know why they were thus.

During my Elementary and Pre-Intermediate courses everything was easy and quiet, some homework but nothing complicated and long, this was the best time at the institute. But something which I didn’t know was that I would have to do, additional of my normal workbook homework, was an every day’s blog, included weekends, unit test in the end of each unit, and two additional exams in the end of the course.

But, what can I tell… Despite everything it’s been a wonderful, funny and amazing adventure, in which I could enjoy with my second family, ALC, here in T&T.


What have I done?


As we grow up, thought in those things which, maybe, could have happened and, now, after some few years we regret hadn’t done it. Many times we think in films like “Back to the Future”, where you see someone who has a time machine and you’d like to have it, but you know that you can’t have it.

But then you think, if I had it, I could do some changes in my life; if I had used better my free time, I would have better things, or something like that, but always we dream with have a time machine or a special artefact to can travel into the ages, And, How no? If you would have the opportunity of change everything in the life.

Now, I’ll tell you what kind of thing I regret. This is one, if I had studied English in my High School, I haven’t been Trinidad, because, for my like someone’s, this is a great opportunity to do something different, to have a new experience and meet new people, change the environment; but if I hadn’t broke up with my last girlfriend, maybe I wouldn’t have come here to learn English. But the most important thing at the moment in my life is that I have to decide, what will I study? Because if I don’t decide which career doing, something I love do, I’ll have to do something I hate.

The World Cup…

Every four years the world has one of the most important sport events, “The World Cup”, where every teams from all world, played to get a possibility to be of the best when in the end of the Cup.

The last headquarter of it was in South Africa, where, as usual, just 32 teams classified of 204 who enrolled, and, of course, where teams like German, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy, England, Portugal and Uruguay, were the most representative and outstanding in the games along the cup…

For the 2014’s World Cup, the competition started on September 2011 with the debut match of Peru Vs. Paraguay, where Peru was the winner, but how is the expected Argentina is the first with 26 point and who draw against Colombia in their last match, Colombia who has been had a good games, Ecuador with 21 point and who is in equality of point with Chile, and for the last chance (Repechaje) is Uruguay.

I only wish luck to each team and each one gives their best…



Since I was a child, my mum always talked me about God, she said me and still says me, that I’ve to keep taken from the God’s hand, speak with him every night, and try to read the bible.

We’re Adventists, and our religion has two points of focus, we believe in the second  coming of God and we keep the Saturday with the Sabbath day; but maybe we have a point more, which is  keep the reals ten commandments, well, reals compared with the Catholicism’s commandments.

I know that over the world has many religions, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, these are the most popular, each one with a round of 900 million to 2300 million of followers, and each one say the same, “we’re the true church”.

No-one know which one of these is the true church, and what I think is that each one provides one important and special part in the religion’s world, and now, that I’ve grown, I know and can say, that I don’t have to choose one religion, I can believe in God and follow him by myself.